Take a look at some examples of my programming skills below!


This website was created and designed from scratch by myself as a summer project.

iOS Development


goSki screenshots

goSki was an app myself and 4 of my other friends came up with for a class. The goal is to give skiers a one stop shop for information on ski mountains. It allows you to see ski mountains nearby as well as sort them by distance and give you information such as weather, ticket prices and a forum where people can talk about the conditions for that specific day. It also has a find my friends feature so you can easily locate your friends that you are skiing with that day. On top of the forum for each mountain, it has a general discussion forum for selling/buying/trading gear. Lastly it has a tutorial section for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers so everybody can learn something new. My roles for this project included utilizing the Google Maps, Places and Distance Matrix API to show your location on the map, get the nearby mountains and their distance so they can then be sorted by distance. I then pulled information from our firebase database to populate information about each mountain that wasn't given directly from Google such as the weather and ticket prices. Lastly I created the tutorial section which loads 5 different videos per skill level from a well respected youtube channel.

Game Design:

Stereo Shift:

Stereo Shift Main Menu

This was another 3D game made in Unity as part of a group project. This was an idea that our group came up with. The idea is that it is a rhythm based team racing game using (unfortunately we were never able to fully debug 4 player to get the full team style working). The main difference from other racing games is your final place isn't based upon who finished first, but who scores the most points. You get points from crossing each checkpoint first, however, you lose points from getting hit with projectiles and trying to hit a boost pad off beat. My roles included the ship movement, firing projectiles, calculating whose closest to the next checkpoint in terms of distance, respawning the player when necessary and getting multiplayer cameras and input setup. (*Note: The inputs are based on wired PS4 controllers, using any other form of input may result in issues. Also the aspect ratio is only correct on a browser that isn't Chrome)

Horror At the Candy Factory:

Screen grab from the game

This was a 3D game made in Unity as part of a group project. We were given the task of making a horror themed game. My roles included player movement, the third person camera working properly and not going through walls as well as the checkpoint system.